Workshop African Cooking


African social life turns to food - good and healthy food. The Women in Africa are therefore much of the day working on preparing the main meal. The African culture is a great cooking experience and is usually cooked on open fire.

The workshop will give particular attention to Burkinabé typical dishes such as Tô (among other things made of corn flour) and pate d'arachide (rice with meat and peanut sauce). You can also learn how te prepare Bissap, a fruit drink. If you have discussed what you are going to prepare with the able one of our great burkinabè cooks you can go with her to the local market to buy all the fresh products.

After the workshop you enjoy and test, the "products" of course.

"Cooking Experience" is not necessary


Practical information

- Number of participants: 2 to 10 persons
- Preferred Time: morning filling program including lunch.
- Price: CFA 8000 (€ 12.00) per person including a drink during the lunch.