African dance

Rhythm+Dance = Energy


Dance and music play a big role in the everyday life of West Africa. The first president of Senegal, Leopold Senghor, took this together in the words: "We are the people of the dance, our feet get power when they pitch the floor!"

People dancing in all occasions such as baptism, weddings, funerals and religious festivals and are very familiar with expressing themselves through the dance.

Surprising and energizing! These are the keywords of our workshop.
During this workshop traditional African dance, stands energizing rhythms and improvisator central.

Entirely in African style, are we dancing with and throug each other. The dance will be accompanied by the rousing sounds of live percussion.Sounds that give you energy so that you have to move.

African Dance Workshop makes heads back empty and shows fresh energy to the body. Through the rhythmic cooperation and the dance fun together, provides this workshop a surprising touch to your holiday!


Practical information

- Number of participants: 2 to 20 persons
- Recommended time: 1 ½ hours.
- Price: Introductory CFA 4000 (€ 6.00) per person each subsequent second lesson CFA 3500 (€ 5.30)

The workshops are usually given in the evening, but in consultion with us we can always look for other hours.