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Auberge Carpe Diem helps and is working together with an local project: ICCV / Nazemce. www.nazemce.com


ICCV is a nonprofit organization that coordinates projects in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso.
ICCV which stands for ‘Initiative Communautaire Changer la Vie’, which means 'communal Initiative for changing life'. Nazemce is a word from the More (the language of the Mossi, which strain is dominant in Ouaga and environment).
And if you translate it to english It means something like “it will happen."

ICCV exist since 2002 as a result of the women and youth of the district Cissin sector 16of the city of Ouagadougou, and became officially recognized as an organisation in January 2005 by State of Burkina Faso.

ICCV / Nazemce works in development and reduction of the poverty by taking action in the field of education, health, reproduction and AIDS.

We also collaborate with Joho Foundation in the Netherlands.


Auberge Carpe Diem "is Joho World Supporter Partner.

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